Black History Month Lectures

In October, the School of Humanities is hosting two lectures for Black History month.

On 14 October (6.30pm), Bonnie Greer, OBE, will speak on Disruption and Insouciance: “We tend to talk a great deal about the past. But what about the future? What tools from the past can we recognize and utilize – things that might seem ‘improper’; ‘unacceptable’, that are, in fact survival mechanisms, and beautiful.”

On 20 October (7.00pm), Gary Younge will explore Free at Last: Reclaiming the Forgotten Stories of Black History: 
“Black History Month gives us all a chance to rescue stories that have been discarded, correct stories that have been mistold and elevate stories that have been downplayed. Black history is not a subgenre of history. Nor does it stand apart from other histories. It makes no more or less sense than American history, Jewish history or Tudor history. Nor is it any more or less diverse – black historians don’t agree on everything just because they’re black. Partial, interconnected, necessary, it is the world’s history told either about or through the prism of a particular group of people.”

7599 BlackHistoryMonthPoster_A4_HiRes_Sep15 (2)

Both lectures will take place in TC001 on the University of Gloucestershire’s Francis Close Hall Campus.

Tickets are £5 (free to University staff and students) and can be booked via the Student Union.

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